Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 3 - Saying hi


  1. This is a great photo and so much to interpret with this it a greeting? wish I could see more of the dog on the left. Hope they are going to spring into a little play soon!
    Dog on left looks a little like a Bernese Mt. Dog from the little I can see.

  2. It is, indeed, a greeting. The Bernie (good catch) was a very calm dog and, I think, he was saying "take it down a notch, pup". But yeah, they still went on a nice tear after this.

    I love it when the calmer breeds show up at the dog park - it's so good for Bella. (I go out of our way to introduce her to Danes and Newfies whenever we can as well.)

  3. Oh which dog park do you bring Bella to?
    Funny, my little 9 pound Papillon LOVES every Berner and Newfie
    she meets! She is completely fearless of them and initiates play.
    I'm sending this from my phone will see if it works :)

  4. Everybody loves Newfies, right? :) I have to admit watching a Papillon play with a Newfoundland would certainly be amusing!

    Thanks for your help debugging the mobile side of comments.  It has been a big help and really is appreciated.

    We used to go to the Tufts field in Grafton back when it was the whole field.  Then they closed and we had a dry spell but have recently started going back now that it's re-opened.  It's definitely safer with the fencing up but it doesn't seem the "regulars" have returned.  

    We're hoping to get back in the routine and hook Bella up with her best beau, Gus, the Borzoi.  (Pics of him will definitely be coming to the blog.)  He's rather protective of her.