Bella's story

Bella is our energetic, fun-loving, scared-of-everything rescue dog. This blog is mostly about her and how much we've all learned about raising a shy and fearful dog.

She grew up abandoned on the streets of Puerto Rico. Rescued, nursed back to health and sent to the States to find her forever home, she came with this handwritten note attached:
Baby Bella
"Bella - female, tricolor, about 5 months old.

I rescued her in a big parking (lot) of trailers.
She was skinny, full of parasites and afraid of people. Hungry.
She eats well. Loves to eat dog dry food mixed with dog canned meat.
She is a little shy, loves to play with other puppies.
Thank you for taking care of her!
Vital statistics:
Name: Bella
Born in: Caguas, Puerto Rico
Lives in: Hudson, MA
Date of birth: February 14, 2008 (It's a guess but we liked it.)
"Gotcha" date: August 19, 2008
Breed: Mixed
Size: 55 lbs (Needs to lose a few.)
Favorite food: Dried turkey or chicken, cheese, peanut butter and slugs. Ok, not so much on the slugs anymore but hey, she was a rescue.
Favorite toy: Mommy. Of course, bully bones and Ever-Lasting Treat balls are awesome, too.
Favorite place to go: Reactive Agility class and Nana's.
Best trick: Down.
Best friend: Gus.
Bad habit: Bella is an inveterate thief.
Pet peeve: Being ignored.

Bella's story:

Bella's story is told throughout most of the posts on the blog, however, there are a few "series" that detail her history with us, all the things we did wrong and a few things we did right. Here's a couple of the series you'll find:
The thunder series
There and back again: a story of fear, aggression and redemption.

And just look at her now.