Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Less-wordy Wednesday 98 - Back from the vet's

This is my dog on drugs.

Bella went in for some dental work last Friday and this is what she looked like when she came home.

Bella is very sensitive to medications. I felt bad for my vet. He kept telling me how they only gave her half the dose of the knock-out drug approved for her size but she was "still groggy".

Still groggy? I had to sit with her in the back of the car on the way home because she kept falling over.

Oh Bella, you poor pathetic pup.

Not to worry, she's back to her old self and happy as a clam again. Although she did climb into bed with us both Saturday and Sunday morning. (She never does that.)

I think she was trying to tell us she loves us.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fear of (horse) flying

It's summer and we here at Casa de Bella know what that means: bugs. Buzzing bugs. Biting bugs. And a scared-y dog afraid of buzzing, biting bugs.

Bella is justifiably afraid of buzzing bugs. She spent her formative early weeks fending for herself in Puerto Rico where, just like any tropical paradise, they grow their bugs particularly big and bad.

I mean seriously - they have a wasp called the tarantula hawk that eats. tarantulas. for breakfast.

You think I'm kidding, surely.

But no. No I'm not.

Because apparently, paradise doesn't come without a price.

Anyway, my poor little pupster was probably taught from her mum or had it already implanted in her genes that things that buzz are bad.

And then she came here and found a yellow jacket nest that taught her WHY things that buzz are bad.

Photographic evidence of why Bella now fears things that buzz.

But our dog is smart and if she has learned anything at all in her 5.5 years of life, it is that people, while often scary, can also be a source of great safety when things get a little out of hand.

And so Bella has learned that when horseflies attack, the safest place to be is between mommy or daddy's legs. On a leash or free-roaming in the yard, Bella comes running whenever a horsefly finds her and she buries her face between our knees.

I'm ready to go in now!

I find this unbearably charming even though it often means the flies turn their attention to my own apparently rather savory blood supply.

Thanks for bearing with me while I go through this existential blogging crisis. I am trying to figure out where and how and what to write now that Bella's story of transgression, aggression and redemption has come to a close.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday 97 - Eraser nose

That's what my vet used to call him: eraser nose. I can't imagine why.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Black & White Sunday: Once upon a time...

Not the sharpest picture but a very fond memory. That's me and April who was gracious enough to let me learn to ride on her. Good girl, April, good girl.

Monday, July 15, 2013

"Hello It's Me"

Once upon a time there was this post: "We're going to BlogPaws!"

It was published in the middle of May and I was so excited to be heading to BlogPaws to meet new friends and old pups and learn all sorts of cool stuff so I could come back here and tell you all about it.

But then I came back from BlogPaws and worked every day for the next 6 weeks. Long days. Every day. (Well okay, to be honest, I did take Memorial Day off.)

Hmm. This "work" thing does not sound conducive to my play plans.

And then Bella got sick.

But then she got better.

And then the heat-waves started.

But we have air-conditioning.

And now I have had a nice recuperative vacation, Bella's feeling her Cheerios again and we are finally able to to get back to all those ideas BlogPaws helped inspire. I've got an overview of the event and some product reviews planned as well as a very special auction coming up.

But first I wanted to give a real quick follow up on Bella's health issues for everyone who's been wondering or worrying.

When last we spoke, Bella was having tummy troubles that were exacerbated by the medication we were using to help treat a shoulder injury. Thanks to everyone who weighed in on that post because you all put my fears at ease and we did actually start her back on the Metacam for her shoulder once her tummy settled down.

I'm sorry, but I just love her crazy ears.
We started her on a lower dose as many of you said your veterinarians had recommended. She's had a few more bouts of diarrhea but no more vomiting (and certainly no more blood, thank dog!) and we've figured out how to work with the meds, our vets and her diet to maximize the pain relief without tipping over to upsetting her tummy. Whew.

When all is said and done, Bella's shoulder feels so much better she has started initiating play with me again and romping around the backyard. Our agility trainer has let her start doing the A-Frame again, raising the bar on some of the jumps and Bella's enthusiasm for the sport has returned in abundance.

Bella even did the teeter-totter in full last week. My camera kind of blew up so we didn't get it on film but I was so proud of our little girl that I replayed the two runs over and over in my head for days afterwards. Way to go, Bella. Way to go.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm happy, healthy and ready to go.
So, we're gonna go now, right?
So that's where things stand right now: Bella is feeling better tummy- and shoulder-wise, mom is having what we call an "awakening" about priorities and life and we are all enjoying our summer together. Lots of exciting stuff coming up so thanks for sticking with us while we've had this kind of crazy Spring.

On a final note, today is the 3rd quarter "Blog the Change for Animals" event for 2013. While I was unable to pull it together enough to participate, I do want to support the effort by shouting it out and sharing the Linky here.

One post I thought was particularly good was Something Wagging This Way Comes' "Puppy Mills Harm People Who Hate Dogs." I'm not usually swayed by arguments that require putting humans above animals to make their point but Pamela does a great job of laying out specific human reasons why puppy mills hurt everyone, why we need everyone to care and most importantly, how we can get everyone to do so.

Go. Read. Enjoy.

And thanks for visiting.

PS - Thank you, Todd Rundgren for the title of this post.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday 95 - I keep losing the dog

Bella's fenced-in area has expanded this year to cover almost twice as much space as last year. Only trouble is, I keep losing the damn dog in the garden. She finds the best spots to hide and falls asleep.

Found her.

Is she really using a rock as a pillow? Oy.

"I feel a great disturbance in the Force..."

Oh, I'm sorry, were you looking for me?
Oh Bella, it's a good thing you're cute.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Notes from home - 6.28.2013

Mom's on vacation, recuperating and getting the blog organized. In the meantime, here's a "Notes from Home" to keep you going.

Haven't had a "Notes from Home" post in a long time. These are emails I receive occasionally from Jan about Bella since he stays home with her most of the time. They offer a little insight into our weird dog and the sometimes even weirder mind of my husband.

June 29, 2013

Jan: "This is probably the wolf Bella descended from:"

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday 94 - Teenagers

Like most teenagers, Bella has decided it's time she have her own room. She has chosen this one.