Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday's Dog: Bradley the Coonhound (Urgent!)

Hi friends,

We have an urgent case here today for our Saturday's dog.

Bradley is currently in a high-kill shelter in Marion County, South Carolina and as of Thursday, 4/5, was on the "red list" to be put down. My friend, Cindy, stepped up and paid to sponsor him which will cover his "pull fees" and vetting costs but we need to find him a place to go so Paws to the Rescue can get him out of the shelter and to some place safe. He'll even have transport up north if we can just get a rescue group or (no-kill) shelter to take him.

Photo courtesy Paws to the Rescue.

Sweet, smart and friendly, this guy deserves his chance to get out of this shelter. Please help us make that happen by sharing his story with anyone you know in the animal rescue community who might be able to help. You can see his profile on Petfinder or check him out on Facebook.

From his Facebook profile:
ID: #120156
BREED: Hound Dog
AGE: 1 year
WEIGHT: 49 lbs (too skinny)
TEMPERAMENT: Bradley is friendly and eager to make friends with people and dogs.

Bradley is located at a HIGH KILL SHELTER:
Marion County Animal Shelter
123 Dog and Cat Court
Mullins, South Carolina 29574
(843) 423-8370

To rescue or adopt an animal, please send an e-mail ASAP to our Rescue/Adoption Coordinator at: This email is for SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. Please include animal's name and ID#.

Thanks friends.



Paws New England has agreed to take in Bradley but they need to find him a foster home. Please continue to spread the word to get this guy a place to stay. Word has him coming up here next week.

Yay Bradley! And way to go, Cindy!!!!!!!


"Saving the life of one animal may not change the world,
but the world will surely change for that one animal."


  1. What a sweet dog.  He looks like our Norbert we hope and pray he finds a home

  2. Sending pawsitive thoughts for Bradley...Both Zack and Buddy were rescued, on their "last" day in kill shelters! Thanks for what you do for so many!

  3. Crossing all our paws for Bradley!

  4. Oh I sure hope Bradley gets the help he needs and finds a loving forever home!

  5. He's sure a cutie...hopefully he'll be in a new home really soon

  6. Making the world a better place.... dog at a time!


  7. Oh well done you guys! What a nice looking little fella. Something of the beagle about him.. Hope you can get him sorted real soon. The high kill shelters that you talk of; is it simply because they have no choice due to space, funding etc. or are there other political reasons? Obviously some of your rescue organisations manage to work with policy of not putting healthy dogs down? Deccy x

  8. Dip Bridge & ElliotApril 8, 2012 at 3:37 AM

    Hope Bradley finds a good home very soon!  Shelters are not a good environment for a dog, lets hope a nice family rescues him.
    Lynne x

  9. Leslie, thanks again so much for your help on getting Bradley out!  I couldn't have done it without you!

  10. Hi Deccy,  He he is a handsome guy, isn't he?  Cindy did a good thing here.  :)

    Re: 'high-kill' shelters.  Unfortunately, we have a lot of them here mostly clustered in certain areas of the country.  They are most prevalent in urban areas (the CACC in NY) and very rural areas (like this Marion County in South Carolina) and you're right - it's mostly over space and funding.  These are county (i.e. - publicly funded) shelters that have to take in every animal surrendered and there is never enough space and never enough money...

    But of course, when push comes to shove, everything is political - why is there not enough space, not enough money, not enough will to save these lives?  Why are we over-breeding in the first place? Why are unaltered dogs and cats abandoned to fend for themselves? 

    These transports address a symptom but they are not the cure.  We need to change minds if we hope to effect any real change.  In the meantime, many of us do what we can to save the lives of individual animals trying to forget about the countless others that we can't save...  :(

    Sorry, didn't mean to go on a rant...

  11. Wow - that's got to tug at your heart knowing they were so close to losing the battle....  Thank you for saving them.

  12. Thank you Katherine.  He's over the hard part now at least - he's safe and will soon be in rescue.  His home will come. :)

  13. Until there's a sea change of attitude and will, that's all we can do.  :)

  14. He's half way there now, Lynne.  The hard part's over.  :)

  15. You're my hero, Cindy.  Never underestimate what one person can do. :)

  16. He's safe, Nola.  Thank goodness, he's safe. :)

  17. He'll be in a new area of the country soon enough. :)  He's coming to New England, they say next weekend.  Yay, Bradley. :)

  18. He did find his rescue.  Now they'll help him find his forever home. 
    The power of social media strikes again. :)

  19. Thank you - it seems to have worked. :)

  20. Sending big hugs to Bradley and also to you for helping this little guy :)

    I've got my paws crossed he finds his forever home soon 

    Your pal Snoopy :) 

  21. Bradley is beautiful. I am so happy to hear that he has found rescue. We have had a large number of Coonhounds at our local pound recently :( We have fostered a few & we loved them.

  22. He'll be here in New England tomorrow night so we've already started to get the word out that he's here and looking for a home.  At least he's out of that horrible shelter now. :)

  23. We're starting to see more and more Coonhounds up here, we even have a new rescue group up this way just for them.  I LOVE, love, love all the big dopey hounds.  I just hate seeing so many of them in need.  :(