Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lilly's Fight For Survival: She Needs Our Help

Hi friends,

We have a first here on Bringing up Bella today: a guest blogger. I'll be handing the reins over to Jana Rade from Dawg Business in just moment. But first I want to thank her for not only writing this guest post but also for spearheading the campaign to raise awareness, and funds, for beautiful Lilly and her amazing mom, Roxanne from Champion of My Heart.

When asked if I wanted to participate in a blog blast about Lilly's continued failing health, I wanted to with all my heart but, as some may have noticed, I've been pretty scarce online lately and knew I simply wouldn't be able to write a post to accurately inform everyone of Lilly's situation in time for a 'blast'. Once again, Jana stepped up and took the lead writing this post for us today.

A lot is said about the amazingly supportive nature of the pet-blogging community. I know we can rally again for one of our own and help Lilly and her mom find some sense of well-being through this. We here at Casa de Bella hold Lilly and her whole family in our hearts and we hope you'll join us in helping to ease their burden. There's a Chip-in at the bottom of this post and one over there on the right side menu of the blog. If everyone helped just a little, it would make for a lot of help for Lilly.

And now, Jana Rade:

Have you ever lost a dog because you didn't have the money to save their life? Once I have, and once I came pretty close.

Sometimes it doesn't matter how great care you take of your dog, a disaster strikes anyway. Sometimes it won't help you that you have pet health insurance, because they'll cover only a fraction of the cost of saving your dog's life.

Lilly of Champion of My Heart, was a spirited, healthy Border Collie. She was, however, a magnet for medical disasters. Snake bites, a spider bite, things kept happening to her.

Lilly's last disaster was something nobody would expect in their wildest nightmares. On January 23, 2012, she went for her routine rabies vaccination. At first she just seemed a bit under the weather, which was not unusual for her after a vaccination. But things got worse, much worse.

Lilly was hospitalized with high fever, extreme lethargy and inability to walk. Her body reacted to the vaccine violently and she was diagnosed with vaccine-induced meningoencephalitis. Lilly spent a week in intensive care, fighting for survival.

She made it throuth the initial onset but her struggles were far from over. For half a year she was struggling on a way to recovery, paved with challenges and setbacks.

And then the inflammation struck again, with a vengeance. Lilly was rushed to the ICU once again, nearly dead. This time it was Lilly's brain stem that took the hardest hit. For several days Lilly was fighting for her life, again. This relapse was worse than the original onset.

She has survived this relapse, but her life is still hanging by a thread. On top of all the medications she's already on, her neurologist suggest a course of specialized chemo, in the attempt to get the inflammation under control.

Nobody really knows how many treatments Lilly might need, or whether this will work at all. It might be her only chance to ever recover. But Lilly is not ready to give up.

Meanwhile, the financial resources have been exhausted. On top of worrying about Lilly's health, now there is the worry of not being able to afford the care she needs.

This is a very dark place.

Can we help out so Lilly can recover?

Please read Lilly's latest update Chemo, Ho! Treating Brain Inflammation After Adverse Rabies Vaccine Reaction. To follow the full story, follow the Adverse Vaccine Reaction – Recovery from Meningoencephalomyelitis.

All photos courtesy Champion of My Heart.


  1. Thanks for writing this post-I didn't realize that Lily's problems were continuing.

  2.  Hi Y'all!
    Just hoppin' by to say "hi".  
    Great post.  Follow Lilly closely.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Off to read about Lilly. Praying for her recovery as well!

  4. Happy to see the signal boosted. Tweeted as well!

  5. I can feel Jana's pain. I have experienced this with Shark. And due to financial restraints and bad vet care, we lost him to what they claimed was the seizure that followed his death. Well, duh, he was dehydrated and we all knew it wasn't the poison.

    But my feelings set aside, I will do my part of sharing Lilly's battle and hope that it reached people who are more financially abled than I currently am.

    I'm going to read that last long post about communication. Hopefully I can catch up with Bella's life.

    Huggies and Cheese,