Saturday, March 23, 2013

Follow-up Fri... er, Saturday

Hey guys, a quick Follow-up Friday here on a Saturday night. As you can see, I've done little to improve my time management skills and am still playing a bit of catch up.

I do hope to be back in action again this week getting back to Bella's crazy story, her training and her growth. In the meantime, following up on the last week....

Meet the new nephew

Isn't Frodo cute? If you were paying attention this week, you might have picked up on the fact that he's not the first Frodo in the family but more on that in a moment. I was very excited to meet Frodo having talked to my sister through their whole adoption experience. Frodo sounded just like the dog for them and, while every new dog needs some adjustment time and Frodo is no exception, he's also a very happy, friendly dog who defers to the cats in the family and seems to just love everyone.

I enjoyed playing with him and he apparently liked me a little bit, too. I got slathered with kisses, he sat in my lap and later in the day began with ear slobbers and nose nibbles. He was playing with me. And I was hooked.

To answer one question that came up, no Bella and Frodo have not met yet. But now that I've met Frodo, I anticipate a successful meeting someday in the future. (If he defers to the cats, there's a good bet he will also defer to Bella.)

However that meeting will be delayed for a while yet due to Bella's current state of health. More on that in a moment.

Wordless Wednesday 83 - A Beau and his cat.

Aren't they cute? Beau and Frodo were a real interesting pair. They played rough together, slept together, and when I took Beau for walks, Frodo traveled right along with us just a few meters behind. I miss them both.

And as you have no doubt by now surmised, little kitty Frodo is Frodo the First. Handsome nephew dog, Frodo has been duly dubbed (at least on the blog), Frodo the Other. ;)

Follow-up Friday 5

Is it Kosher to follow up on a Follow-up?

Well, I need to so here goes anyway... Bella had her appointment with the neurologist at Angell Animal Medical Center and we have a diagnosis and a treatment plan. She has what is the equivalent of a torn rotator cuff. We are weighing our options under the advice of doctors, trainers and friends. We will keep you posted.

Additionally, we have recently learned that Bella likely has Colitis.

Poor little pumpkin just can't catch a break.

Her tummy has been doing well on the prescription diet but all treats are off for now. We will be adding them back in gradually to see at what point she starts having tummy troubles again but this also means that her Reactive Agility class is cancelled for the time being. (Of course, that's cancelled for the time being while we schedule her treatments anyway.)

Poor little pumpkin.

On the bright side, she obviously feels rather sorry for herself and is looking for comfort in the form of hugs and snuggles. We are happy to oblige.

So that's all the news that fit to print right now. Monday I hope to pick up the story of Bella's agility and training adventures again. In the meantime, thanks for all the positive thoughts and good wishes. If you're interested in keeping up with Bella in real time, I give more frequent updates on her Facebook page if you want to follow her there.

Thanks a bunch for dropping by. And thank you, Jodi from Heart Like a Dog and this week's co-host, Two Brown Dawgs for letting us join in the Follow-up Friday blog hop.


  1. Oh Bella! Geez, that's not good news but at least you know what you're dealing with and have some options. Our paws and fingers crossed hoping you get well soon!

  2. Well, on the one hand, glad for a diagnosis - and on the other, not so much! Sorry to hear about the colitis. I'm totally familiar with it in people, not so much in dogs, but I'm sure the symptoms are equally distressing for Bella. :( Hang in there!!

  3. I hope that Bella's feeling better soon! It sounds like she has been having some tough breaks. Congrats to Frodo the Other for finding a new home, too!

  4. Poor Bella. Cali is spending the weekend at the emergency vet :( It really sucks when our babies aren't feeling good- I hope Bella is on her way to feeling better - big hugs to you all!!

  5. Arg. That all royally sucks Leslie. Poor Bella! The store Pets Gone Healthy in Marlboro might be able to help you find something to use as treats -- the owner is excellent! And Gus is always available for a nice easy walking buddy .....

  6. Pamela | Something WaggingMarch 24, 2013 at 5:04 PM

    So glad you have a diagnosis for Bella. I hope the treatment gives her some relief soon.

    Can't wait to see Frodo and Bella pictures sometime soon.

  7. Hi Leslie, thanks for joining the FUF bloghop, don't worry that it posted on Saturday, the hop is open all weekend long. :-)

    That must be a relief to finally have a diagnosis! I think the waiting/worrying and not knowing is the hardest thing for me. Once I know what I'm facing I can make a plan. That's me, all about making the plans.

    I hope however you choose to treat Bella, her recovery is quick.

  8. An ouchie shoulder and tummy...poor Bella! I bet it is good to know what has been hurting her finally though. Now I hope the vets can make her feel all better soon :)

  9. The whole Frodo thing went right over my head! But no wonder there have been is such a cute name. :-)