Monday, April 22, 2013

Follow up.... Monday?

Geez, I suck at this follow up stuff.

Actually, since I was watching the manhunt that shut down all of Boston and most of its immediate suburbs on Friday, a follow up never entered my mind. However, I do have a bunch of house-keeping items to address and thought tonight would be a good time to get that in.

First up on the agenda, have you heard about the Pet Blogger Mall yet? A few very industrious bloggers have set themselves to work creating a great space for the creative types among us bloggers to hawk their wares. (They're making a website that will feature pet bloggers who sell stuff.)

The target date for the Mall opening is July 2013, but a blog is up and you can subscribe via email to make sure you don't miss out on any important updates.

Next, I wanted to give everyone a brief update about Bella's health. For those just joining us, Bella re-awakened an old injury last September and we've been battling it ever since. Essentially she has the equivalent of a human's torn rotator cuff that we were hopeful would ease up with restricted activity and rehab.

It didn't so we have tried a number of things to make her feel better and able to run and jump again but it has been disappointing and frustrating. We have most recently taken her to one of the best neurologists in Boston to make sure we weren't missing anything, verify the diagnosis was correct and come up with a treatment plan. Last Tuesday, we took Bella back into Boston for a second procedure to try and heal her up. So far, so good. But we're still in the wait and see stage. We have been weighing our options on what to do next if this doesn't work.

Finally, I'm hoping to get my act together and start posting more than just pictures in the next few weeks. I've got some reviews coming up, some causes I want to talk about and most of all, lots of Bella updates waiting to get out of my head and onto paper er, empty white space... I'm going to get out and about to visit you all to check in on your pups and other critters and I'm also making plans for BlogPaws! (I just have to finish this unreasonably scoped project for work first... Eek.)

So, that's all the news that fit to print today. Thanks for bearing with me last week. And be sure to hop on over to the Pet Blogger Mall and sign up to keep posted on all the goings on and we'll see you back here soon.


  1. I've checked the pet blogger mall. It looks super cool. I hope Bella is getting better.

    I haven't visited some of the blogs as well. I'm a little confused with my schedule. I haven't gotten a routine yet. Perhaps I am simply... conflicted. I have the time but the heat is really draining off my energy during the afternoons.

    We hope to visit you again soon.

  2. Two French BulldogsApril 22, 2013 at 10:28 PM

    That Pet Blogger Mall thing is pretty cool
    Benny & Lily

  3. Mom says that sometime being stuck is a good thing because you do things you need to do for lack of other options :)

  4. I hadn't heard about the pet blogger mall yet, but I'm on a "No-shopping" spree right now, so I think I'd better avoid it.

    Sorry Bella's last treatment did not work...sending lots of good vibes your way that this newest one DOES help.

  5. The Mall is going to be great...Sigend up for updates so I won't miss a thing...Hope things turn around for Bella

  6. Here's hoping that the latest treatment works for Bella. Be sure and keep us posted.

    Now I am off to check the Pet Blogger Mall. I am not much of a shopper, but, hey, you never know!

  7. You are one busy blogger! The Pet Blogger Mall is fantastic and I am really looking forward to the big grand opening. Fingers crossed for sweet Bella.

  8. Yeah, I'm not much of a shopper either - except for Bella. ;)

    The idea behind the mall is to promote the products and creative skills from among the pet blogging community. So the next time you need a collar or a toy for one of the dogs, you can get it from some faceless corporation or you can see what your friends in the community have available. :)

    There are a lot of talented folks among us and I thought this was a great idea to showcase the high quality stuff they have available.

    (Thanks for dropping by - hope all your furry ones are doing okay. Will be by soon to see for myself.)

  9. Thanks Donna, we're hoping, too.

    LOL - My life is one big permanent no-shopping spree (I loathe shopping) but the next time I need a collar for Bella, I sure know where I'm heading. There's so many creative folks among us and I didn't even know some of them made and sold things like collars etc. Hopefully the mall will make that information easier to find.

  10. That's a very good way to think of things. We are always trying to open our mind to whatever options are presented to us. :)

  11. Oh hi Haoppee! Thank you for stopping by and thank you so much for your card!! I can't tell you how it lifted our spirits here when we saw it. That was so very kind of you.

    I have missed keeping up with all our blog friends and really hope now that spring is in the air here, I'll have more energy myself. Funny - we have the same energy drain but one is from the heat and the other, the cold. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by. We'll hop over to see you all very, very soon.

  12. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Miss Bella is feeling better pronto!

  13. Jan K, Wag N Woof PetsApril 25, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    So glad things are finally settling down in Boston now, and everyone can just get on to healing. I love the idea of the pet blogger mall, and will definitely be checking that out. Fingers crossed that Bella's recovery goes well. One of the most frustrating things about blogging to me, is not having enough time to do everything I want to! I have a mile long list of topics but can't find the time to write more than twice a week, and even that is a struggle when I feel like I'm neglecting other things, like housework. Nevermind trying to keep up on comments and checking in on other blogs. I just keep plugging away as I'm sure you will! :)