Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas card photo-shoot 2013 - The Outtakes

I'm afraid I don't have an abundance of outtakes to share this year. Bella's getting to be such a good model that the only real problem we have remaining in our photo-shoots is that I can't see worth a darn to focus the camera.

Still, this year's Christmas card photo-shoot was extra fun for a two reasons: 1) I got to trash the house (before putting it back together) and "blame" it on the dog and 2) Jan got to see just how good Bella is at modeling for me these days.

Usually Bella and I go off somewhere to do our photo sessions. I'm not sure why (probably the shock and horror at seeing what our living room looked like pre-dog) but Jan decided to hang around this time. I put him to work being 'the treat guy'. That definitely helped me out because it allowed me to get some shots of Bella where she's not looking right at me (a photography hazard of teaching the "look" command.)

When we wrapped the shoot and I was cleaning up, I overheard Jan cooing and coddling our little super model sounding rather amazed at just how good she was when asked to stay, look, and pose.

He was impressed and I was proud.

Still, I did find a few outtakes of Bella not looking her most lovely and elegant. Enjoy!

You're going to blame this mess on me, aren't you?
Yes, yes, that's very funny. Blame the dog. Har har har.
I can't see you.
Maybe if I look drunk you'll stop doing this to me.
Is this the pose you want, Daddy?
Am I doing it right?
Can I have that treat now?
Is that tree going to land on my head?
I'm not sure this one really qualifies as an outtake. Still, I wanted to include it because she's just
so. darn. cute.
Oh and for the record, yes, yes I did totally decorate the house and wrap Christmas presents in the middle of November only to trash everything and then put it all back together again. I don't know where I got the idea I had an abundance of free time that wouldn't be better served by doing something other than decorating the house multiple times and wrapping 'pretend' presents. (It actually was kind of fun though. :)

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  1. It is a great shoot, i love the idea!

  2. What a perfect photo shoot

  3. My mom does silly stuff like that too. What ever makes her happy I guess. Your outtakes are nice, though.

  4. I love staging photoshoots. Sam was such a master at posing. Monty doesn't quite get it and I think Harlow is starting to understand. I also learned the value of a long stick and peanut butter for getting them to look away from me. I think the outtakes are as much fun as the final picture!

    Monty and Harlow

  5. You're right - pretty good outtakes. Jack will pose pretty good for me now but Maggie still hates it and puts her ears back. At least she doesn't run away from the camera anymore! Happy Holidays.

  6. Love these! Thanks for sharing!

  7. We haven't tried official photoshoots yet, but that looks like loads of fun! She's such a pretty pup, even when she's caught mid-blink.

  8. I LOVED your Christmas card this year, and I am SO glad that I'm not the only one who sets up elaborate Christmas shoots in November. You've made me feel more normal, sister unicorn! Bella is adorable even in the outtakes!

  9. Very ambitious my friend. I took an old photo and edited it. LOL

  10. Cute outtakes! Wow! You put a lot of effort in! Hope you received good cards too!

  11. Even in her outtakes she is an adorable model!