Friday, March 2, 2012

Tag, I'm it.

I've been tagged. Twice! So before I'm "it" yet again, I thought I should get this post written. (Even though still awaiting my attention are a few awards (thank you!) and Something Wagging's January "Train Your Dog Month" challenge - yes, I know it's already March. Working on it...)

If you haven't seen the game of blogger tag going around, here's how it works: one blogger 'tags' another just like in the children's game. The 'tagged' blogger has to answer 10 questions about themselves and then tag 8 more bloggers.

I'm going to take a tip from the kind folks who tagged us, Karen of Tricks for Treats and Julie of The Daily Dog Blog since they were each also tagged twice, and do double duty by answering the questions for both me and Bella. (If I get tagged yet again in the meantime, you might even learn something about Jan before all this is over... ;)

  1. Describe Yourself In 7 Words

    Bella: Playful, charming, sweet, smart, fearful, resilient, neurotic.
    Leslie: Neurotic, optimistic, idealistic, passionate, serious, perfectionist, dreamer.

  2. What Keeps You Up At Night

    Bella: Thunderstorms, when mom steps on me getting out of bed, unfamiliar noises.
    Leslie: My head. (Sleep? What's sleep?)

  3. Who Would You Like To Be?

    Bella: Somebody calm and confident.
    Leslie: Somebody calm and confident.

  4. What Are You Wearing Right Now?
    LOL - who wrote this questionaire?

    Bella: My collar - I don't like it when they take it off.
    Leslie: The winter "uniform": jeans, turtleneck and hoodie.

  5. What Scares You?

    Bella: Uh, scared-y dog here so, you know, everything? Okay, more specifically: thunder, wind, unexpected noises, snowblowers, the garage, things that weren't there before, the dog walk, the teeter totter, other dogs, people, bees, flies, horseflies, Bailey (the neighbor's dog), barrels, sticks, poles... Shall I go on?
    Leslie: Spiders, failure, fire, death. (What? I warned you I was a "serious" sort.)

  6. The Best and Worst of Blogging

        Best: Lots of people think I'm cute and I don't even have to get anywhere near them.
        Worst: Mom's at that darn computer all. the. time.
        Best: The community.
        Worst: Not having enough hours in a day to keep up with the community.

  7. The Last Website I Visited

    The Daily Dog Blog and Tricks for Treats, of course!

  8. What Is The One Thing I Would Change About Myself?

    Bella: I would be braver.
    Leslie: I would be kinder.

  9. Slankets Yes or No?

    Bella: Uh, what huh?
    Leslie: Uh, what huh?

    Neither Bella nor I were familiar with the whole "slanket" phenomenon before seeing these tag posts. I think we are in agreement that this isn't really our thing. :]

  10. Tell Us Something About The Dog(s)/Cat(s)/Etc That Tagged You.

    Cali, of The Daily Dog Blog, is a beautiful girl with long black hair and the most expressive brown eyes. She lives with a bunch of cats so you know she's gotta be a very good and patient girl.

    Pearl, of Tricks for Treats, is a very pretty mixed-breed rescue dog who sometimes drives her mom just a little crazy. (We can relate!) She's got tons of energy and keeps her family on their toes.

    Interestingly enough, both Pearl and Cali have allergies and both are the first dogs of their families.

And now to tag 8 others...

Like everyone else, I find this part pretty difficult. I'm not sure who all has already been tagged and I don't like to make more work for folks who are all already over-worked, stressed-out and appallingly busy.

So here's the deal: if you've already been tagged, link to your tag post in the comments so other folks can go read up on you and your tagged blogs. And if you're just too crazy busy to participate, don't stress it. This stuff's supposed to be fun, right?

So without further ado:
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Tag, you're it!


  1. This is too funny. I just put up my tag post right before I read your comment that you'd tagged me. I loved learning more about the two of you.

  2. That was great!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Great Q & A!  It was neat learning some more about you guys.  I laughed at Bella's answer to what scares you, "Uh, everything!" lol!

  4. this was great. "things that weren't there before", oh my gosh, bella! desmond is kind of like that. when we get something new or a package comes in the mail, he will either sniff it obsessively and try to figure out if any part of it is edible or he will stare at it and bark.

    when we got our Ruff Rider Roadie harness in the mail, it came on a cardboard stand-up dog (so you can see how it's supposed to look--brilliant!) and desmond was like, "YO, DOG. WTF ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?!" so funny, for us.

    i have to say, though, i'm pretty disappointed you didn't get tag #3 so we could hear about jan. if i were a more efficient blogger, i could have gotten my tag post done and made that happen. damn it! 

  5. I'm enjoying reading everyone's tag posts.  Love the photo of Bella:)  Not that she ever takes a bad one!

  6. Oh boy, I just finished it up. Hope you enjoy it! I like how you answered for both of you, that was a great idea!

  7. Oops!  Well, I guess that was easy then, right?  I don't like making extra work for people so cool. :)

  8. LOL - thanks.  Yeah, that one was kind of easy. ;)

  9. I'm so glad my dog isn't the only spaz in the group.  Really, Des, that's meant as a compliment. ;)  Love the story of his concern about the cardboard dog. lol

    LOL - yeah, I figure Jan's kind of "Wilson" of the blog (too young to remember "Home Improvement"?)  He'll show up on occasion but no one will ever really get a full view of him. ;)

  10. Oh, believe me, she takes bad ones - I just don't post them to the blog. ;)  I'll probably do an outtakes post someday.  There are plenty.  Although it's usually me, not her. 

  11. Yay - congratulations on participating in your first blogging event. May you enjoy many more. :)

  12. Hi Bella,

    Lovin' that picture at the end, it's cool!!

    Was it the Lion in the Wizard of Oz who wanted to be braver too?  Do you need Dorothy to come and help you? :)

    Have fun buddy

    Your pal Snoopy :) 

  13. Enjoyed reading your answers! :)

  14. My favorite answer was #3. Perhaps it's ok to "fake it til you make it."

    BTW, the picture of Bella tagging everyone was awesome.

  15. It was indeed the Lion who wanted "courage". Bella's a lot like him, in fact, sounding all fierce until something truly frightening comes along - then she hides behind my legs.  Maybe I'm meant to be her Dorothy? :)

  16. Oh, believe me, Pamela, I've been "fakin' it til I make it" for 20 years.  It works but someday I'd like us to just believe it. ;)

    I only threw that picture in at the last minute. Glad I did though 'cause it does look like she's tagging everybody. Thanks for noticing. :)

  17. When one is already behind on blog reading and commenting, getting sick is like a death knell (as you have sadly already experienced this winter). :(

    But here I am!

    I always love getting to know more about the humans behind he blogs - even if it's just a snippet. But I do not like reading that friends are up all night and worried about needing to be more kind! You seem quite kind to me. :) Just FYI - I've been using the NatGeo Channel as a sleep aid lately (explaining why I didn't become an anthropologist). I guess it's a perfect mix of interesting and boring. 

    Love the photo of Bella!

  18. Well, welcome back you!  Yeah, I got behind back in January and I swear, I have yet to catch up.  :o  I'm glad you're feeling well enough to start making the rounds again. You were sick for quite a while.  

    Nat Geo, I'll have to remember that. ;)  Unfortunately, we don't have a television in the bedroom but I do have my iPad and both an active imagination AND an overactive stress-ometer. ?  I'm in control of my current major project at this point though so hopefully sleep with come easier for a while. 

    Thanks for the "kind" words. ;)