Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday's Dog: Nessie, the Chocolate Couch-Potato

Photos courtesy North East All Retriever Rescue (NEARR)
There seems to be a run on Chocolate Labs entering our rescue lately. I don't know why because they're all lovely, sweet and cuddly-bugs. And 7-year-old Nessie is the cuddliest of them all.

Nessie came to NEARR from a local Humane Society where they just loved her too much to let her sit in a kennel all day long. She loves her people, is good with children but doesn't much care for other dogs and dislikes cats.

Nessie is a REAL couch potato for a Lab - walk her once a day, throw her a ball or let her go for the occasional swim and you will have a happy girl will to sit by your side at days end. (She will also "keep your yard free of anything that moves, which includes skunks", so beware.)

She's allergic to wheat and fleas so you might have to get inventive about treats but since she doesn't like to exercise, maybe she should be eating carrots, not cookies, anyway. (In fact, Nessie would make a great partner for anyone interested in participating in the "K-9 Kamp Challenge" going on over at Kol's Notes right now!)

Learn more about Nessie in her profile over on the NEARR website.

Do you have room in your heart for this big, lovable girl? Or maybe you could tweet or share her story so the family we know is looking for her can find her even faster? Nessie and I thank you for helping her get to her forever home.


  1. Oh what a cutie.  I hope she finds a new home real soon!

  2. who knows why dogs like this end up looking for a new home, there are so many lovely dogs here that are looking also.... I think a dog like her would be snapped up in no time though since Labs are so popular because of their lovable characteristics :)

  3. Nessie looks like a real sweetie! Paws crossed hoping the she finds her furever home!

  4. She looks awfully sweet- I hope she finds a forever home soon :)

  5. Oh she is a sweetheart...and she has my eyes! Deccy x

  6. Georgia Little PeaJune 3, 2012 at 5:26 AM

    That IS odd about choc labs. Nessie sounds very easy care. Hope she finds a home soon x

  7. Who doesn't love chocolate? ;) Nessie, you so deserve a wonderful, loving home - it's surely just around the corner!