Sunday, July 22, 2012

Free Beer!!!

Author's note: Please check the bottom of this post for updates. Thank you all SO MUCH for sharing this story. (7/25/2012)

When I was in bands, we used to joke that the best way to get people to come see a show was to name the band "Free Beer!!!" The idea being that when the club announced who was playing that weekend, the sign outside would read: "Tonight: Free beer!!!" and people would be lined up down the street trying to get in.

Hence, the name of today's post.

And the real reason I've gathered you all here today, the reason I cheated to try and get your attention is a dog named Hardway.

Hardway is an 8-year old American Eskimo/Samoyed mix(?) in need of a new home - soon. Hardway showed up in my inbox a few days ago (not literally) through a friend who is trying to help his former mom find a new home for him.

I'm going to hand the blog over to Hardway's former mom for a bit so she can tell his story.

Photo courtesy Sally Hale.
"Robert and I were living together in March 2005 when we got the call about Hardway. They said there was a "small" Eskie at the shelter in Florence, KY. We drove up there and it turned out that this dog was not exactly small. I think he weighed about 45 pounds when we got him.

He was about 1 year old and had been chained to a tree all of his life. The chain was so embedded in the fur around his neck, that the girls at the shelter had to cut his hair to get the chain off him. I was sitting in a chair and he walked up to me, laid his chin on my lap, and looked at me with those big brown Eskie eyes. It was love at first sight.

We got all the paperwork done, put him in the backseat, and headed for home... That's when we found out how stubborn and hard-headed he was. Once he got in the front seat, there was no way he was going back into the back seat of the car. Robert said, "He sure does learn things the hard way, doesn't he?" A name was born for the biggest Eskie I've ever seen. His name has been Hardway ever since that day.

We got him home and gave him a bath to remove the coal dust. He sure looked a lot better once he was clean, except for the short hair around his neck... He put on some weight the first few months we had him and he now weighs in at around 55 pounds...

Photo courtesy of Sally Hale.
When Robert and I split up, Hardway and Jake went with Robert... Jake passed away from cancer in late June 2011. I thought Robert's heart was going to break. I think Robert would have laid on Jake's grave and died of sorrow if it hadn't been for Hardway.

Now Robert is unable to continue taking care of Hardway. I'm unable to take custody of him because the apartments I live in have a two dog limit... It has fallen upon me to find a place for Hardway.

Hardway comes with food, toys, and two more doses of Advantage. He comes with a big heart and plenty of love to share. He's been given so much love the last 7+ years that it overflows.

Please, does someone have a place for the most beautiful, loving, friendly dog I have ever known and loved? He is my baby, has overcome heartworms, fleas, and the loss of his Daddy. This is breaking his Mommy's heart, but has to be done. Please consider adding him to your home."

Cute little guy, isn't he? He has some health issues (allergic to fleas, sore hips when carrying too much extra weight) but is an otherwise happy, healthy, friendly dog just down on his luck. Hardway is located in Tennessee but transport arrangements will be made if at all possible.

So folks, does anyone out there have room in their heart and home for Hardway? Do you, or someone you know, work with a spitz or all breed rescue group? Please leave a comment below and I'll make sure Hardway's momma gets the news.

Otherwise, maybe you have time today to post Hardway's story to your Facebook wall or Tweet it out to your followers? I know his mom would be very grateful, as would I.

And, as always, thank you for listening.

Updated (7/25/2012): Thank you so much friends, for getting Hardway's story out there. I understand from the comments below and from Hardway's former owner that there is interest in offering him a home. I will let everyone know what happens when I hear.

Updated (7/26/2012): Hardway has a home!!! Now we just have to figure out how to get him there. He will be traveling from Kingsport, TN to Las Vegas, NV if you or anyone you know can take a leg. You can check the route map here: Bring Hardway home! Thanks. Oh, and please, feel free to cross post widely!


  1. Leslie, this might be a good time to contact Ron Morse of Dog Orphans.....

  2. Thanks for the idea, Cindy.  I've sent Ron a message about him.

  3. He is a cute guy. Hopefully he finds a good home.

  4. Great way to attract attention. I sure fell for it! Who could resist the call of the hops...?
    Anyway, I'll gladly share your post on Facebook. And if this works, do you mind if I still your idea to try and find a home for Simon? :-) 

  5. Dachshund Nola and her MomJuly 22, 2012 at 4:25 PM

    Cutie hope he finds a home

  6. Georgia Little PeaJuly 22, 2012 at 5:12 PM

    Oooooh, you tricked me!!! And I don't even drink beer.

  7. Poor little guy :(  I hope somebody wants to take him home!

  8. We're purring for him.  SOmeone must want such a sweet pet.

  9. Hey, you were in bands too? What do/did you play?

    Anyway, back to your point, I hope Hardway finds a new home soon. He's an adorable fluffy!

  10. Dip Bridge & ElliotJuly 23, 2012 at 3:33 AM

    What a beautiful dog, someone is going to love him!
    Lynne x

  11. Oh dear it breaks your heart just reading about him. I'll put the little fella on FB now.. Deccy x

  12. Our heart is breaking for you all... I hope that someone finds a place in their hearts for him really soon!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  13. Hey Bella. That's so sad. I hope that he finds a good home soon, he's lovely!

  14. What a sad story. I hope your little gimmick works and this cutie finally finds his permanent place in the world. I will do my best to share his story.

  15. IF it can be arranged to get him to either Las Vegas OR San Jose, Ca we would be willing to take him. You can e-mail me at

  16. Wow. Let's see if we can do this.  I just sent you an email and copied the former owner.  I would recommend you two make arrangements to talk first.  If both parties are comfortable after that, we'll see if we can't figure out how to get him to Nevada. :)

  17. I checked my e-mail and nothing came. You may need to try again.

  18. I checked my e-mail and nothing came. I am on Facebook (VFXer), you can also reach me on yahoo ( or Facebook is the best way to get in touch with me.

  19. Thanks for letting me know. My mistake and it has been sent to your aol account.

  20. LOL - borrow away - the joke is as old as the hills but I think it still works. ;)

    Thanks for sharing his story.  Looks like we might have a nibble (see comments below. :)

  21. He IS adorably fluffy, which reminds me we should try Big Fluffy Dog Rescue if the current interest doesn't materialize.  Thanks. ;)

    As for the bands, I put myself through college playing keys and singing. Sometimes I played bass.  I did some solo stuff for awhile playing acoustic guitar and singing. I can play pretty much anything with strings or keys. :}

    Are you still playing now? I've seen your pictures of the drums etc. What do you play?

  22. LOL,the title really did get my attention & I do not even drink. We are hoping that Hardway (love the name!) finds a home soon.

  23. Theresa & PrudenceJuly 25, 2012 at 6:32 PM

    Hardway looks like a real sweetie! Hoping that something works out for him. It must be heartbreaking to have to give him up.

  24. I talked to Sally today and she feels good about sending Hardway to us. Now we need help in forming a transport railroad. I have no idea how to start
    this. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

    He will be going from Kingsport Tenn to EITHER Las Vegas NV or San Jose/
    Santa Clara/ Gilroy CA. Which ever is easier (Las Vegas or the Bay Area) will be
    fine by me.

    If anyone has any ideas please let use know.

  25. Hi Mike, that's great news!  As for arranging transport, the first thing that needs to be done is identify a route.  I'd be happy to set up a Google doc and maybe try and put a route together but, ftr, I live in Massachusetts and really am not familiar with your side of the country.  (In other words, there is a potential I could be sending someone through the desert with no exit if I put the route together with Google maps.)
    The next step is to utilize every social network connection you have.  I will update the blog with the route and see if folks can spread the word or maybe take a leg.  Beyond that I can tweet it and share on G+.  
    You'll need someone to organize it and that would be best if it were you or Sally (i.e. - someone has to track offers and stay in touch with people who offer to help.)  Pick a couple of dates that you two could both be available (assuming each would take a leg) and let us know.  I'll tweet it out to everyone I know personally as well as discussion boards and rescue groups.  But before anyone can sign on, they need to know where and when. 

  26. I'm late to the game, but I'm so excited to read that Hardaway has a home! :)

    Also, fun fact for you: before they were called Barenaked Ladies, they were known as Free Beer. However, bar owners did not love the name (and the resulting people who thought they were getting free beer), so that's why they changed it.

    Cue "The More You Know" star... ;)