Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday - For Lennox

Thank you Cokie for re-inviting me to join your wonderful Thankful Thursday blog-hop. It's an important reminder that we have so much for which to be thankful. And I understand the hop is supposed to be a hopeful place where we speak of what is good and beautiful in our lives and I will get there, honest.

But please indulge me a moment first because I really feel I have to say something about the events of the last day or two in the animal welfare community. Specifically about Lennox, the American Bulldog - Labrador Retriever mix who was recently killed in Belfast, Ireland.

I'm not going to say much (I know, that'd be a first, right?) but my anger is deep and my fear, palpable.

My sister has a Bullmastiff. My friends have Pit Bulls, German Shepherds and Rottweilers. Bella's breed cannot be documented.

And what we've learned through the debacle in Belfast is that anyone can claim a dog looks dangerous and that dog can be taken away and killed despite all evidence to the contrary, despite world-wide outcry, despite reasonable offers to provide a gracious out for the city council.

Just for what it looks like.

Breed specific legislation is illogical and irresponsible. It is hurtful and cruel. It is also proven to be ineffective. I weep for Lennox, for his family, for his little girl and for all the dogs killed in the name of ignorance.

And yet I am also thankful.

Thankful for the hundred thousand+ voices raised in protest around the world. Thankful for the efforts of trainers and rescuers and organizers who tried, and keep trying, to help Lennox and dogs just like him.

Thankful that maybe now we have gained the attention of people who were previously able to remain comfortably ignorant of the encroaching danger breed specific legislation poses to their own dogs. Thankful for the communities that have learned and grown and rejected BSL.

Thankful that maybe now we can effect real change.

Rest in peace now, Lennox. Your suffering will not be in vain.

If you have a Facebook account, please consider adding your voice to the "I Am Lennox" event as a show of support that every dog could be Lennox. Today, every dog is Lennox.


  1. Dachshund Nola and her MomJuly 12, 2012 at 3:33 PM

    That was a beautiful post! And yes, such a sickening, heartbreaking story

  2. Very nice post and it speaks for many who have followed Lennox's story.  BSL is wrong!  And so many innocents have died because of it.  :(

  3. Run free Lennox. You will not be forgotten!

  4. That was truly beautiful.  Yes, today every dog is Lennox.  We have got to find a way to stop the BSL insanity. 

  5. Thanks  - I added my name on FB. This was such a needless act of ignorance and cruelty.
    Tank's Asst.

  6. What a great post!  It's so sad about Lennox! :(

  7. Georgia Little PeaJuly 12, 2012 at 11:24 PM

    Never heard of Lennox before this post. It seems we humans have learnt nothing from our own history about discriminating against an entire group based on nothing more than a label. So very sad.

  8. I can hardly put into words how upsetting the Lennox situation is to me. SO. VERY. SAD.

  9. Couldn't agree with you more. Here in the UK the RSPCA have a campaign called 42 Teeth which aims to bring an end to breed specific legislation. You can read my post about it here:  Deccy x

  10. Great, great posting, Leslie!  Thanks ~

  11. We joined! I've been tracking the Lennox case too. It's just frustrating and that's all I can say because if I would open my mouth, I'd probably just say how stupid their so called experts are. 

    But you are right, I am thankful for seeing people stand up for their beliefs and joining the cause.Nice one, Leslie.BSL should also be known as a B***Sh** Law.Huggies and Cheese,Haopee

  12. The BCC should be charged with animal cruelty for the inhumane treatment
    of Lennox. I didn't understand why they wouldn't take up the offer to
    rehome him in the US, but it seems like they were afraid to be proven
    wrong if he turned out to be a success story. I hope that poor Lennox's
    story helps end BSL by exposing the ignorance and human egotism behind
    this tragedy.

  13. My heart truly breaks for sweet Lennox.  When will we humans ever learn?  

    Run free Lennox!  RIP 

  14. And Thank YOU - for pointing out a bit of light in this otherwise horrific tale, that I sadly just learned about today. :-(

  15. Such a travesty about Lennox.  So heartbreaking for his poor family.  I hope the BCC are held accountable for what they have done.  I don't think the whole, true story has been made public yet.  Too many unanswered questions.  Such a shame Lennox's life had to taken to bring about the huge public outcry that has resulted from his last 2 years incarceration and death.  RIP Lennox.  May your death not have been in vain.

  16. Great post. I also did an "I Am Lennox" post if you're interested in reading it. :)