Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not at all Wordless Wednesday 74 - Passengers

Time to play catch-up with some of our recent hitch-hikers. Everybody say "Awww...."

Just woke this little one up.

13 years old and blind, how did Russell ever find himself in a high-kill shelter?
It's okay, buddy, you're safe now.
We just learned that Russell has been adopted and even has his very own Facebook page: Fans of Russell

Okay, just say "Squeeeeee". :)

Please don't ask how I took this picture of Oscar.
Oscar traveled all the way from South Carolina to Newfoundland, Canada!

This is Poinsettia.
Everyone just kept calling her "Mumma". She was tired.

And these are Poinsettia's two little hooligans.
Whoever takes the blond one is going to have their hands full. ;)

Yup, we move these critters, too.
Another tired Momma.

The beautiful Julia.
Some low-life "cropped" her ears with scissors. Grr. Arg.

I hope he never grows into those whiskers. :)

Two words: Puppy breath.
There were 7 of them in there. Gah.

This beautiful boy just wanted a kind hand.
You will find it now, lovely.

I fell in love with every one. Got a favorite? Let me know in the comments.


  1. What beauties! I can't believe Julia! Scissors? Oh that makes me so mad!!! Grrrr

  2. What a beautiful series of photos!  It tells the tale of transport so well!

  3. Oh my gosh, what adorable little babies!!

  4. Oh! We love Russell! Hope he finds a great home :-)

    -Bart and Ruby

  5. LOL - well, you are in luck. Russell already has his very own forever home as well as his own Facebook page!

  6. We love all of them.  How wonderful that they will all have a second chance.


  7. Julia is quite the cutie! Great pictures! 

  8. Woof! Woof! Awwww. Love them all. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. I love them all! So nice to see that they are being loved.  Have a wagging day!

  10. A favorite? Just one? Not possible, we're thinking that we fell in love with them all!  

    We're new to reading your blog and are wondering if you regularly transport and if so, from where? (assuming kill shelters - we scooped two "specials" last summer from one)

    Maybe you could post about transporting?

  11. How could you pick just one?  And please, give me a minute in the room with the person and the scissors.  I won't need a weapon. :-)

  12. Great photos and impossible to pick a favorite from all of those cuties!

  13. Oooh! They're all so cute! I love that first baby. And Oscar. And the puppies, of course! So, really, all of them!

  14. Hi, thanks for visiting and saying hello.  I think that might have been a trick question asking about a favorite.  

    I do transport when I can.  Believe it or not, up here in New England there is competition to get a run so I don't get to do as much as I would like.Mostly I've been transporting with Paws to the Rescue, a group based out of Marion County, South Carolina and yes, the shelter there is high-kill.  But I troll Facebook for any rescue group up in this area who needs help getting a dog from wherever they hail.  I also transport for two breed rescues, Basenji Rescue and Transport and North East All Retriever Rescue, although admittedly they don't call on us very much either.I wrote a high-level post about transport a long time ago ( but I'd love to write more.  If you have any ideas of what you'd be interested in hearing/learning about, please let me know. There are basic rules every group needs to follow, state laws to be aware of and other general considerations...  I have no experience with coordinating runs though - and consider even trying that way above my pay-grade. :]I love transporting. I think it's a great way to participate in rescue for those of us who can't foster.  

  15. LOL.  Yeah, I had that problem, too.  ;)

  16. They are all beautiful!!! I am so happy to see that cats are being transported :) We do not have much luck helping cats around here. I can only hope for the day that there will be competition for transport drivers in this area. Thank you for helping the babies on their way!

  17. Ummm.... I want to keep them all... but where would my husband go? lol
    What a day for you! Prayers for all your furry friends!

  18. They are all adorable!  Julia really touched me though, poor baby having that done to her ears, she looks really sweet.  Do you know where she is at now?  Do you keep tabs on some of them afterwards?  I have always thought transporting is a great way to help.  You are saying there is not as much need here in New England?  I would love to read more about it too, I will check our your other post.  Wonderful photos!

  19. I am one of the people who cannot foster due to lease agreements. I have thought about transporting because it sounds like fun and it is such a good service. Your blog will prompt me to look into it - maybe this year, even.

  20. All of them are precious! 

  21. They are all precious!  Too hard to pick a favorite!

  22. They are all so beautiful! I can't pick a favorite, though I have to say, that picture of Russell is so sweet! And I always lovelovelove seeing puppies and kittens! I also hope that Frazzle never grows into his whiskers!
    Poor Julia. I honestly didn't even notice her ears at first, because my eyes immediately went to her sweet, happy face. I wouldn't have guessed she suffered such cruelty. That literally made me feel sick. I hope she, and all the rest, find wonderful homes.

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  23. For now, it's wonderful that so many people are willing to transport animals to places they're more likely to get a home. But every transport story also breaks my heart for showing how hard it is to get people all over the country to spay and neuter animals in their care.

    Glad your trip went well. And thank you for helping these animals.

  24. Ah yes and with the ideals of my 'pawlitical pawty', I love them all and thus, cannot have a favourite.  They are all my favourites.  I know, spoken like a true 'pawlitician' :)  Penny the Jack Russell dog and next Paw Minister of Britain :)

  25. Aww, I am very glad all these furry buddies are safe now! There is way too much cuteness to pick one favorite though :)

  26. Hey Leslie - the comments are back today when I asked Nick to look at it. Figures. :-)

  27. What a boatload of cuteness.

  28. Hey! Thanks for the award. Momma has been so bad about MY email lately. She hasn't even helped me post either. I am going to nag her to put up my award.