Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Less-Wordy Wednesday - Early Halloween Edition

We had our first Halloween costume photo-shoots for the blog over the last few weeks.

Bella doesn't make a very good prisoner. I think she's too sweet to look too terribly "hardened".

Especially when she kept playing with the hat.

But she did a pretty good triceratops impersonation.

The great three-horned hunter, er, vegetarian? Uh, Bella, we need to talk.

And I think she made a lovely princess.

She tries so hard.

Stop by again tomorrow for one final costume change and some of my thoughts about dressing up your dog for Halloween. And please, keep your pets safe INSIDE tomorrow night.


  1. she looks kind of surprised in the prisoner outfit, like 'hey, how did I end up dressed like this! I am an angel!'

  2. LOL. I think dogs in hats are hilarious. My dogs disagree and fight wearing hats every chance the get. The triceratops hat is great!

  3. She doesn't look real excited :)

  4. that prisoner outfit is the BEST EVER!!! Fantastic!

  5. Heehee! You're an awful good sport, Bella. But I think you're much more a princess than you are a prisoner, that's for sure!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. Jail bird! BOL

  7. Great costumes, have a Happy Howl-o-Ween!

  8. Hi Bella! We have a Bella in our family too :)
    Are you a Heeler Mix? You kinda look like a Heeler. Whatever you are, you are simply beautiful!
    The Triceratops costume is so cute on you!

  9. Hi Bella! Thanks for stopping in to introduce yourself.

    We don't know what Bella is but a lot of people wonder if she has some Heeler in her. We actually think of her as part because it helps us understand some of her motivation when training her.