Monday, October 28, 2013

#MondayMischief: A little agility fun

Sometimes I just know Bella is going to go all looney-tunes on me during an agility session. I can usually tell when I start to un-clip her harness - she does this thing where she almost quivers with excitement: Oh boy, it's showtime, folks!

But I am not a fast handler and she can very easily get ahead of me on the course.

My goal is to try to keep my movements calm and deliberate so as not to amp her up sending her further into zoomie-land yet quick enough to beat her off the obstacle so I can gain control again on the other side.

I am not always successful.

Here are a couple of videos, mostly unedited (I only took out the really boring parts), of a recent agility session with the crazy dog. They're not our best work (either from an agility perspective nor a videographer one) and yet, I can't stop watching them.

There's an expression apparently among agility circles. It goes something like "Great dog. Pity about the handler." I've a feeling agility people will be saying this about us here.

It's okay, you can laugh. We did.

Now, if I can just learn how to channel all that energy and enthusiasm into following the course that I'm trying to direct her to rather than one she has designed for herself, we'll be in business. But given the laughter heard and the smiles (and tail wags!) seen in these videos, you can probably tell that's not my main goal.

Once upon a time, Bella was afraid to enter a room where a stick had been laid on the floor. Now look at her conquering all these obstacles with verve and aplomb. That's all I care about.

Living with Bella isn't always easy. It can be a lot of work.

Sometimes it's heartbreaking. Sometimes it's even terrifying.

But sometimes, it's hilarious.

Those are the times that we live for.

And thanks to Alfie, Snoopy, Luna and My Brown Newfies for bringing us the Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop.

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  1. agility zoomies are just joyful to watch! I wouldn't stress too much about it and just enjoy my dog ;) the only problem with Barbie's zoomies at agility were that they scared the hell out of everyone there because they never saw a dog disappear so fast... and we don't have any places really that do agility indoors!

  2. Ha ha ha! I think she'd get along well with K├╝ster! He gets very...enthusiastic when it's time to do obedience class!

  3. Whooa, you are so exciting doing that stuff

  4. Looks like fun really. We are going to go into nose work and tracking classes, but Bailie is so fixated on the kitty tunnel in our house, we have considered agility!

  5. I love this! I love when Bella keeps running forward when she's supposed to be jumping the jump!

  6. I adore that play bow she does in between obstacles. Seriously precious!! Those fun moments are treasures, aren't they?!

  7. I think you guys did great. She sure was having a blast...even when she wiped out in that first video. :-)

    As for her being comfortable around all the equipment now, I so hear you. Medi wouldn't go anywhere near a strange item left on the floor when we adopted her, often refusing to step into the room where the strange item was located. And now when I see her searching the boxes for nose work...and wagging her tail...I am amazed at how far she's come.

    I see the same joy in Bella. Great job! :-)

  8. I love when dogs get the zoomies on the course, it's the best. And sometimes I just let Delilah do her own thing. It makes her happy.