Monday, March 17, 2014

This was supposed to be a list of all good things...

I know everyone is waiting to hear how well Bella is doing on her new protocol and believe me, I do have that list formulating. But if you've dropped by our Facebook page recently, you'll know we hit another bump in our road to Bella's happy and carefree life.

Last Tuesday night Bella hurt herself again. We don't know if she awakened an old injury or created a new one but she had an unexpected visit to Tufts Emergency Hospital on Wednesday and is in strict rest and recovery mode at this time. It appears to be a ruptured disc in her neck and we're not sure if it's a new, unrelated injury or a degenerative disease related to her previous lameness.

Needless to say we're all a bit subdued here at Casa de Bella and in a bit of a wait and see mood.

Bella has been a very good and tolerant patient through all of it. They even wrote that she was "a good girl for her exams today and wonderful to work with" in her release notes from the hospital.

In the meantime, she's getting lots of pampering and allowing lots of snuggles. And until next time, we leave you with a glimpse into a recent snugglefest.

In case you think I live in fear of my dog...

I don't.

Or she a life in fear of me.
She doesn't.

As always, thanks for following our crazy dog. We'll be back next week to tell you all how great she's doing.

Thanks to Alfie, Snoopy, and My Brown Newfies for bringing us the Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop.


  1. Two French BulldogsMarch 17, 2014 at 10:40 PM

    All our feets are crossed for you
    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    Lily & Edward

  2. So sorry for the setback. Hope the rest helps her out.

  3. Poor Bella. I hope she is feeling better soon, it looks like she is enjoying the snuggles though :)

  4. Sounds like my sister Katie. Mom gets one of her issues resolved and another pops up...a never ending battle but one she will keep fighting.

  5. Jan K, Wag N Woof PetsMarch 18, 2014 at 3:16 PM

    Oh no, a ruptured disc sounds awful. I haven't been on FB a lot, but I did see photos of you snuggling with her, but didn't realize there had been a new injury, and I'm sorry to hear it. I hope she is on the road to recovery.

  6. Sending my paw over to you Bella. Keep well mum, looks to us if Bella won't give up easily. Lots of love xxx

  7. Rooooo Bella - I feel so sorry for you and I hope you feel better real soon. There's nothing worse than being injured and not allowed (or able) to play. You've got some pawsome snuggle photos there though *waggy tail*

  8. Hope she feels better soon!

  9. Oh, no. So sorry you're experiencing another setback. Here's hoping she's well on her way to recovery! Love the snuggles!