Monday, September 19, 2011

Notes from home - 8.20.2008

Welcome to the second installment of "Notes from home" where Jan shares his insights into raising Bella via email to Leslie who unfortunately has to spend her time in a corporate office.

August 20, 2008

Jan: The tail has hardly stopped since I came home. She has discovered Frosty -- one of Beau's old sqeaky toys. Our worry about her not knowing how to play with toys was silly. She is carrying it around in between some serious exploring.

Leslie: Isn't Frosty as big as she is?

Jan: Yeah, Frosty is about as big as she is. However, many of the other toys she has since discovered (including your slippers) are smaller.

Leslie: Hrumph. She's not supposed to play with those. :(


  1. Hey there Bella - thanks for stopping by our blog!  Looking forward to getting to know you a little better!

  2. Hi Finn! Looking forward to getting to know you better, too. Thanks for the visit.  As you can see, I'm pretty new to blogging and have been visiting lots of blogs lately and following those I like just to enjoy but also to learn. Enjoyed your "whole wardrobe" retrieval. That was quite a feat. :)

  3. How are Frosty and the slippers now?  I've bought stuffies (from the op shop!) that Frankie has destroyed in seconds and others he just tosses around and has no interest in killing!  

  4. There will be a follow up post on Frosty someday...  ;) 

    Bella used to rip every toy apart but hasn't shown much interest in that as of late.  I used to buy toys that were 5 for $1 because it wasn't worth spending real money on something that would last so short a time.  You can see the remains of another toy towards the back of the last picture.

    She never really damaged shoes and slippers, though.  Just likes to steal them.  Still does.  I think we're stuck with that behavior.