Friday, September 2, 2011

"Write a post, help a dog"

So I'm really new to this blogging thing and am skating in just under the wire to participate in the Pedigree Foundation's "Write a post, help a dog" campaign this year. I promise to figure this out faster next year because it's really such a simple way to help shelter dogs.

So here's the scoop: "For every post written by Sept. 3, 2011 that mentions the Pedigree Foundation, a non-profit formed to help support shelters and promote the welfare of animals, 20 pounds of Pedigree dog food will be donated to feed shelter dogs, up to 10,000lbs of food."

How easy is that? There's even a "blog hop" to make sure every post is counted.

Pedigree has done an outstanding job bringing attention to the plight of homeless dogs with their Facebook campaigns, their support of Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl" and even more impressively with their "Don't Pity a Shelter Dog, Adopt One" campaign and I'm happy to make my first contribution to their "write a post, help a dog" campaign this year. I look forward to participating again for many years to come.

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