Monday, October 31, 2011

17 Things Bella Has Stolen

Bella is an inveterate thief. I suspect it comes from her rough start in life. But I also recognize my part in its persistence since she almost exclusively steals my stuff and usually only after she has tried to get my attention in other ways. The following is her life list of stolen goods thus far.

  1. Shoes - This is more of a category than a thing and covers all manner of footwear including sandals, boots, sneakers, loafers and slippers.
  2. Christmas ornaments - Including one antique glass bulb that nearly sent her mom to the hospital for heart palpitations.
  3. Christmas bows - Of course, only off already-neatly-wrapped packages.
  4. CDs/DVDs/computer install discs - She has fabulous taste in music and movies always selecting only the rarest vintages for her collection.
  5. Hair ties - Bella especially likes them when they're still wrapped in my hair or around my wrist but getting the ones off the bedroom table is becoming a bit of an art form for her.
  6. Boxes - And no wimpy boxes for Bella, nope, she likes real boxes.
    1 Adam 12, 1 Adam 12,
    Box theft in progress.
  7. Socks - This is usually accomplished as a surreptitious drive-by when I'm getting dressed in the morning.
  8. Keurig K-cups - I should have let her learn about these the hard way. A mouthful of coffee grounds and she probably would never have stolen anything ever again.
  9. Books - Bella's idea of irony: stealing, and nearly destroying, "Feisty Fido".
  10. Magazines - She's a big fan of Pet Plans' "Fetch" magazine.
  11. Napkins/Kleenex - Usually, but not necessarily, after we've finished with them.
  12. Teddy bears - My collection is now safely packed away in drawers and closets. Hrumph.
  13. Assorted pieces of clothing - I think she's trying to tell me something about the Snuggie.
  14. A phone - Yeah, I got nothing. She stole the phone. She ate the phone. I have no idea what she had against the phone.
  15. Feathers - So much for that collection of Native American art. It's now locked in a closet with the Teddy Bears. Hrumph again.
  16. Water bottles - Usually empty, not always.
  17. Blankets - This is my favorite of Bella's little oddities. She's very thoughtful and dainty about it. Here, I made a video:

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to leave a comment for the crazy dog. I may be a little delayed in responding, however, as I was in the path of "#Snowtober" this weekend and am without power (for who knows how long at this point). If anyone has heat, running water and wouldn't mind a visit from berserk-o dog, let me know. :)


  1. Fiesty Fido, huh?  Excellent choice. :)

  2. Sounds like that girl has a real lust for life! 

  3. Ahh, is bella making a nest?  My favorite blanket of choice is a fleecey!  HaPpY HaLloWeeN!!!!

  4. Oh Bella.  You are just nesting.  I do that too...with whatever people leave for me to nest in....Better find a warm blanket for the next day or so without power!  

  5. Oh, we have them all, Pup Fan.  Feisty Fido, The Cautious Canine, On Talking Terms with Dogs... Bella has tasted, er, tried them all. ;) 

    Happy Halloween!

  6. Hi Kirsten, Thanks for saying hi.  Bella does indeed have a certain joie de vivre.  She keeps us quite entertained.

  7. Hi Roscoe, Hannah and mommy!  Thanks for visiting.

    I suspect she is making a bit of a nest. She does prefer "nest" type beds.  She likes blankets of all kinds but she was really smart with this one - it was an electric blanket!  If only she had fetched it last night while the heat was out. :)

    Happy Halloween to you as well.  

  8. Hi Scrappy! Hope you're staying warm these days.  Bella shared our down comforter last night while we slept in front of the fire so don't you worry, she'll be nice and warm until the power comes back on.

    Happy Howl-oween!

  9. Such a little thief! 

    Elka likes stealing napkins and tissues as well, for the purpose of shredding them. I'm not sure of the draw. She also chews up pens or pencils, but only sometimes. 

  10. This is too funny.  Finn likes to munch on the phone, and we have the tooth marks to prove it, but there has not been any digestion of said phone...yet.  Sorry about yours!!

  11. Ha! She's like a whole band of thieves. :)  I love the blanket video; especially that she looked like she was about to use the blanket for a bed. :) So smart!

  12. Hi Jen,

    Yeah, I don't understand the draw of paper products either but it's still one of Bella's favorites.  And yes, those still get torn to shreds.  Most everything else now she's just stealing for the fun of it, not to destroy.  

  13. LOL - Finn is apparently a lot smarter in this regard than Bella.  

    I'm happy to report she didn't eat the *entire* phone.  But it was in such a state of disrepair, we couldn't put it back together enough to assess what wasn't there any more. :o

    Silly dog.  

  14. She's been perfecting her skills over the years. ;)

  15. Hi Elizabeth.  Yeah, that blanket video is when I realized I was in trouble seeing she was smart enough to realize she couldn't move the blanket while she was standing on it and just did her little pirouette to get off it.  :wow:

  16. Lol- she's got quite the blanket pile there! My brother's dog stole a phone and completely destroyed it... it was his friend's too. Yikes!

  17. Ooooh. I don't think I can compete with that! I did steal a baking tray and a hot water bottle yesterday though! Deccy x

  18. Gosh, that's quite a list!  I hope she and Frankie never meet up!  They're kindred spirits:)

  19. Whew - I guess we'll count ourselves lucky it was just OUR phone. :)  

    And yeah, she's becoming a "hoarder". ;)

  20. A baking tray?  Deccy, how did you steal a baking tray?  Isn't that a little big?  

    If your weather is anything like ours, I'll have to congratulate you for being smart enough to steal a hot water bottle though. Smart doggie. ;)

  21. I think they just might be and would so love to have them meet.  Alas, that may just remain a dream...  (I really do think Frankie and Bella have a lot in common. :)

  22. Sounds like Bella just wants to be near you, even when you're away. If you wore rubber gloves when you touch these objects, do you think Bella would stop "stealing?"

  23. Hi Pamela,

    You know, there's definitely truth there.  Hadn't thought about how most of that stuff smells like me.  Often times she's doing this to initiate play with me. We've kind of worked it out so I can tell her I'm busy and she'll stop but a lot of times I'll take it as a reminder to step away from the computer and go play with my dog.  It's good for both of us.  

    Of course, this is only because I know she won't destroy anything any more if I don't pay attention - she's just stealing, not damaging.

  24. Well I am quite big and the tray was quite small :-) And silly mum had left it very close to the edge of the cooker.... Deccy x

  25. Yeah, Bella's mum here has learned not to do silly things like leave anything important where she can get it now, too. :)  

  26. this totally cracked me up. desmond has absolutely stolen my snuggie before! he also went after a travel CD case that contained mostly Britney Spears CDs. i'm not sure what he's trying to tell me, but it's probably something along the lines of, "mother, your taste is horrific. stop embarrassing this family!"

  27. lol - I swear Des and Bella are related somehow.  I know this is bad and I shouldn't let her get away with it but she's smart enough to understand some nuance.  The one time she got something that was dangerous (the glass ornament), she understood the panic in my voice and spit it out on my (horrified) "drop it" command.  :)

    It's also giving me the opportunity to teach her "trade". lol