Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing Dill (Again) - Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

Happy Saturday!

So I totally screwed up my first few entries in the Saturday Blog Hop. (Cut me some slack, please, I'm new at this.) Now that I've figured out what I'm doing, I have to go back to the beginning and start over. Sorry this is a repeat but Dill is so lovely, she's worth mentioning again and again until she finds her forever home. If you are looking for a calm and gentle elder lady to grace your home and your lap, you need look no further than the beautiful Dill. Here's a repeat of her first appearance in the Saturday Pet Bloggers Hop:

Allow me to introduce the first entry in my Saturday "Please-Adopt-This-Dog-a-thon": Dill!

Dill is a 12 year old, spayed female black Lab mix available for adoption through North East All Retriever Rescue. She is a real sweetheart of a dog - gentle, friendly, tail is always wagging. She has some health issues but they're all being managed. And yes, she's a bit of an old lady but that is definitely part of her charm - she's ready to be your walking partner as well as your couch-potato cuddle companion. Dill is a very special girl who deserves a very special new home and family. If you're in the market for a new dog, I hope you'll consider adding her to yours.

Click here to view Dill's full profile on the NEARR website.

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  1. Oh, Dill looks so sweet! She's 12? She's a well-preserved old lady, she is. I hope she finds a home soon.

  2. Yes, she is! I know, right? She looks even better now that she's been in foster care for a while. I hope she finds her own home soon, as well.  

    Thanks for saying hi!

  3. Gosh, Dill is in great nick for her age!  She's not only an older girl but she's black too, but what a lovely smile:)  I hope some lucky person can see past her age and colour and give her a wonderful forever home soon for her twilight years.

  4. Dill is beautiful! People have to realize how easy and wonderful older dogs are. They're settled, housebroken, they don't necessarily jump all over you - when people come into our shelter, I call them the "just add water and a little love" dogs - they're perfection! 

  5. Dill is a sweetheart for sure. The best dogs I have owned have been the ones I rescued from shelters or bad situations. They seem to know that you are giving them a second chance and they will be forever grateful to you.

  6. She tugs at our heart strings!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. Hi Sue, I know poor Dill has 3 strikes against her - big, black and older.  But now that she's with NEARR, at least she's in a foster home getting loved on and it shows all over her face.  

  8. Hi Cynthia, "just add water and a little love" - I LOVE that! And it's so true about the older ones - all the hard work is done and it's time to get on with just the lovin'.  
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

  9. Hi Deb!  Thanks for stopping by. I agree, there's something special about rescued animals - probably because they've seen the good and the bad in life so they know just how good good really is. ;)

  10. Hi Oskar, Thanks for visiting. She tugs on a lot of heart strings, I think.  She's a happy girl and she'll find her forever home very soon.

  11. I love old dogs and Dill is gorgeous! Be sure her profile talks about black dog syndrome; I did that once for a black hound (surely he had some lab in him) and he was adopted within a week when the couple who looked at him learned about black dog syndrome - didn't hurt that this large hound boy could play well with their puggle.

  12. Thanks very much for the suggestion, Roberta.  I'll get that over to the folks who do the write ups for the group.  And thanks for visiting. :)