Sunday, October 2, 2011

Woofstock 2011

Dateline October 1, 2011, Hudson, Massachusetts:

Buddy Dog Humane Society celebrates its 50th anniversary with the 1st Annual Woofstock Festival

I was attending to help represent Basenji Rescue and Transport, take some pictures for North East All Retriever Rescue and assist the almost all-volunteer Buddy Dog crew with whatever they needed. (I was hoping Save-a-Sato would be there so I could be pulled in even more directions at once. ;) The Buddy Dog crew didn't need me at all because, despite how they may have felt, it seemed to everyone attending, from vendors to guests, that everything went perfectly.

From an attendance perspective, I had a blast and the festival was a huge success. They haven't released an official count yet, but over the 5 hours of the event, I have to estimate at least 1,000 people and hundreds of dogs came through the gates. There were almost 100 vendors and everywhere you looked, people and dogs lined up to visit the booths.

There were photographers, trainers and massage therapists. There was every kind of pet supply product imaginable and various presentations in the center rings from agility to police K-9 and military search and rescue dog demonstrations. There were, of course, every variety of animal and breed rescue many with their adoptable dogs on display. A live band, raffles with an assortment of great prizes and lots of food and beverages (courtesy Papa Gino's and the Hudson Elks Club) rounded out an awesome offering. Next year, if the weather would just cooperate, this will be the perfect New England Fall festival.

The best part for us was there was plenty of space which made bringing the scared-y dog easy - Bella never had to be in too big a crowd because across the entire field there was always a place to get away from it all. Once her beau, Gus, arrived with his Greyhound sister, Molly, Bella was able to relax a little and even tried to initiate play sessions with several dogs. She had a romping good time with one Australian Shepherd and confused the heck out of a rather young Golden Retriever pup who wasn't familiar with the puppy play bow.

Just out of curiosity, is Bella supposed to grow out of that? It's a little embarrassing explaining to people that no, she's not a puppy, she's 3 and a half, she just thinks she's a puppy still... Is just us or does your dog continue to "puppy play bow" even after puppyhood has passed?


  1. So glad to read that Bella enjoyed her day out:)  It sounds like an awesome event.  We don't have anything like that within my driving distance.  Love the Basenji photos, I think they're gorgeous dogs.

    Frankie and Bella are about the same age and he still play bows.  I doubt he'll grow out of it.  It's part of doggie body language.  I don't think Beryl does it.  Her play style is totally different to Frankie's, she's quite brutal!  She doesn't play with other dogs unless she's running with Greyhounds, and sadly she doesn't do that anymore since she got hurt in April.

    I'm so pleased Ernie's story has a happy ever after ending:)

  2. What a cool event to attend. Happy that Bella could stay out of the crowd, and get a chance to play. Leah still play bows - and she's nearly 12. :-) I think its adorable when they do it.

  3. Hi Sue, I find myself rather smitten with Basenji's, too. The pictures are of Tango (tri-color) and Viggo (red & white) who were in the booth with us representing the breed. They are rather uncommon in these parts so we got lots of questions about them.

    Glad to hear we're not alone in the play bow thing. Not many of the dogs she bows to respond in kind so I was wondering if it was just Bella.  Sounds like it's not - I'll have to figure what makes some dogs use it while others don't.  (FTR, I think it might be difficult for the bigger breeds like Greyhounds to pull off...)

  4. Hi Donna, Wow - play bows at 12!?  I guess I shouldn't feel too strange by Bella's behavior after all.  I do hope she keeps doing it - it's very charming.

    (BTW - I know I expressed this over on your blog, but let me just say again how happy I am for your about Leah's news. You must be so relieved.)

  5. Maybe we'll get to go next year. Thor still play bows. It's not as cute as when Bella does it, especially when you know he's going to run at you when he's done. I just know one of these days he's going to take one or both of my knees out.

  6. Awww. If you have any pictures of Thor (or any of your other critters) you want to send me, I could use some Wordless Wednesday pics. :)

  7. My Bella still puppy play bows... and she's 10. :)

  8. Hi Pup Fan, I'm actually glad to hear that my Bella probably won't grow out of it - I think it's so cute, I'd hate to have her lose that enthusiasm.  We :heart: your Bella.  :)

  9. Leslie,
    Thanks for the great write-up and photos on Woofstock!  And for your help that day too --

    Gus play bows -- he must have never done so to Bella, I wonder why?  It surely will happen.  Molly play bows but it's more quick.  She kinda does everything at the speed of a red squirrel.