Thursday, December 15, 2011

Liebster means Dearest

Wow. This has been a pretty hectic week what with us participating in the "Social Media for Social Good" (SMfSG) holiday event campaign, Pet Fiction Theater's "A Blogville Christmas Cabin" (I make no apologies for my goofy love of the creativity behind these shows :), Bella's agility class and the normal blogging schedule.

Add to that a big project at work and oh yeah, Christmas preparations(!) and I'm so stupid tired right now it'll be a miracle if this post makes any sense at all due to my failing-by-the-minute cognitive skills.

Breathe, Leslie, just breathe.

First I'd like to welcome all our new visitors (and Facebook followers) that found us via the SMfSG campaign. Lovely to have you here. I hope you'll poke around and join in the conversations.

Today I woke up to a very nice surprise on top of all this fun (2 somethings, actually, but I feel it's important to cover them separately to give appropriate attention):

Bringing up Bella won our first award!

Jet from over at Jet's Furkid Palace chose us as one of their recipients of the Liebster Blog award. I am very touched. And they called Bella gorgeous, too! (We agree, thank you!)

So here's how it works:

"Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is intended to help up-and-coming blogs get the attention they deserve. As with any award, there is a bit of ceremony involved. In order to accept the award, we must do the following:
  1. Copy and paste the award on our blog.
  2. Link back to the blogger who gave us the award.
  3. Pick our five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
  4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs."

Now onto the fun part.

I have really enjoyed discovering lots of awesome blogs over the past few months. Being new myself, I like to specifically search out smaller blogs that are either just getting started or for some reason or other haven't gotten the attention I think they deserve. This "Liebster" award with its "less than 200 followers" requirements fits nicely into that and I hope the blogs I've chosen will end up on your regular reading list, if they're not already.

Our 5 blogs (in no particular order):
  1. A Coonhound's Tale - Prudence is a beautiful rescued Coonhound living in NJ and entertaining her mom. She shares her adventures with us with lots of pictures of the pretty dog. Being a big fan of hounds, I can't resist checking in to see what Prudence has gotten up to in any given week.
  2. Doodling Dogs - I have to admit, I was surprised to see this blog didn't already have, like, a thousand followers. Emily and her pup, Leila, offer up a variety of dog-related topics including a "Breed of the Week" spotlight that can leave even canine fanatics like me stumped on occasion.
  3. Two Collies and a Mutt - Marquie is a lovely young blogger with a penchant for Collies. Her blog is full of wonderful photos and commentary about her mutt, Ella, and 2 Collies, Petal and yes, Lassie. How can you not check that out?
  4. Pupparoos - Continuing in the Sheltie category (Editor's note: Edited to correct breed. I'm a dolt, I know the difference between a Collie and a Sheltie - ack! Sorry Ellen! See "cognitive skills" above. ;), Ellen from Pupparoos blogs about Stewie (not the Sheltie) and new pup, Tucker (the Sheltie). Blogging about a fantastically adorable puppy certainly ensures this blog's success but we're kind of infatuated with Stewie here.
  5. Pauley James, Former Foster Baby - Pauley's Mr. and Mrs. are those incredible kind of people we all probably aspire to be: they're fosters. Pauley, it would seem taught them the meaning of "failed foster". ;) The blog is full of the fun-filled adventures of their 3 dogs and 5 cats as well as the heart-warming, and sometimes heart-breaking, stories of animal rescue.

I hope you enjoy visiting our "Dearest" selection of blogs. And once again, I'd really like to welcome everybody and to thank Jet for thinking of us when selecting their award recipients. It made my day.


  1. Congrats! I got this award yesterday
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Congratulations!!! Those are one great blogs you are passing it along too as well!

  3. congrats, leslie!! i just found out we got one of these, too (and i'm totally bogged down by almost all the things you listed above--when am i going to fit in honoring other bloggers?? yikes!).

  4. Congratulations! And thank you, baroooo! Mom just got in, so tomorrow she'll  be passing on this wonderful award. We are so grateful that you included us!

  5. Congratulations!  I was just about to pass my award on to you but now I have to go find someone else, lol:)  Yes, I'm way behind with my blog reading but I hope to catch up with Bella's adventures ASAP!  And to check out the blogs you passed your award on to:)

  6. Eva and sometimes PriscillaDecember 16, 2011 at 6:55 AM

    Congratulations! I'm glad to have come to your blog. Will be back soon!

  7. Congratulations! We look forward to checking out the other blogs & will work on our entry this weekend. Thank you for the huge compliment, but we are just plain old people :)

  8. Thanks Nola! I saw that you also got the award which puts me in good company. :)  (Sorry I haven't gotten out to congratulate you yet, I was kind of devastated yesterday by the Houston Pittie Pack new...) I promise to visit this weekend.

  9. Thanks Finn! I was hoping folks would visit and like them as much as I do.

  10. LOL - yeah, this blogging thing can get a little overwhelming at times, can't it? :o

  11. Thanks again so much for this. I tried to pick some blogs I thought needed a little love and attention as you did.  I hope it worked. :)

  12. You're welcome, Prudence. I think everybody knows it's a pretty crazy time in blogland so pass it on when you have time.  And enjoy it in the meantime. :)

    I look forward to more pictures and adventures of the pretty dog. ;)

  13. LOL - hey, I know exactly what you mean! ;)

    I had been thinking of you for another award I got but I don't want it to become a burden for you. (If you drop back in here and see this, would you mind letting me know if you'd be amenable or if you think it would be more pressure than pleasure?)

    Congrats on your award - well deserved. (Of course, I assumed you already had waaaayyyy more than 200 followers - if not, well, you should!)

  14. Hi and thanks for visiting!  I still have to get out and visit all the blogs I've been finding through this award being spread but really look forward to doing that just as soon as the rest of the Christmas cards are sent and all the cookies baked. ;)

  15. You're very welcome - my compliment was earnest - I so admire what you folks do.

    And, in light of what has happened to the Houston Pittie Pack, I think everyone realizes celebrating awards may take a back seat for a while.  Thanks for hosting the ChipIn for them.

  16. Thank you Donna (and the Dogs)!

    We've got more blogs to recognize soon but it may be a few days before we feel up to it what with the devastating news of the Houston Pittie Pack and all the holiday preparations.  (But stay tuned. ;)

  17. Thank you, ma'am. (I saw you were already nominated when I was scoping blogs I was going to choose. ;)  Congratulations - I see now you've won it twice! Woohoo!

  18. Hi Deccy!  Thanks a bunch.  Congratulations on winning it yourself!  I really have to go visit those blogs you nominated. Of course I know GreyhoundsCANSit but I'm not familiar with the others.  Looking forward to finding new fun sites to follow. :)

  19. Congratulations on your award. It's so nice to get recognition from our peers, isn't it?

    I know it will be the first of many.

    As a relatively new blogger, you might want to make time to join the 2012 Pet Blogger's Challenge. Last year, Edie Jarolim and Amy Burkert offered bloggers a chance to reflect on what we do and to share our concerns with others. I found it very valuable and look forward to doing it again in January. You can find out more here: 

    I hope you'll join in. I'd love to see your thoughts on blogging.

  20. Congratulations Leslie.  Well deserved!  :)

  21. Hi Pamela,

    Thanks! It is a nice feeling, I have to admit.  

    I've actually been planning to participate in the Challenge.  I'm just way behind on things and honestly, hearing the devastating news about the Houston Pittie Pack has knocked the wind out of me.  

    I really appreciate you bringing it to my attention, though.  I've got, oh let's see, 3 posts to write before I tackle that one. ;)  I am looking forward to participating and reading what everyone else has to say.  Thanks for thinking of me.

  22. Why thank you!  And congratulations on your two awards!  I'm looking forward to after Christmas so I can finally sit down and check out all these new blogs I'm discovering. :)

  23. Congratulations on your much-deserved award! Sehr gut! ;)

  24. Schönen dank. :)  (And dankeschön to my husband for helping with that one. ;)