Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday's Adopt-this-dog-athon: Lovely Lekoda

Allow me to introduce today's dog: Lekoda

Updated: I am VERY happy to report that Lekoda has been adopted! She went to her forever home in February 2012. Thanks to everyone who helped get her story out so her new family could find her. :) (You can continue to follow her progress on North East All Retriever's "Happy Tails" page.

Available through North East All Retriever Rescue, I met Lekoda at the Woofstock event I attended in October. She's a real sweetie. And just beautiful, too, don't you think?

Lekoda is a 9 year old Lab whose disabled owner very reluctantly had to surrender her due to moving. She is good with cats and dogs and kids, has no bad habits and is even excellent off-leash.

As you might be able to tell from the photo, she's wearing a Thundershirt which means she's a bit of a scared-y dog but the shirt and some homeopathic remedies help with that. She is very Labbie and needs to be with her people. She will be happiest lying quietly at your feet or nearby while you're working or watching TV.

If you or someone you know is looking for a gentle, loving companion, Lekoda would make an excellent choice. Please don't let her age discourage you from welcoming her into your family. Or perhaps you could take a moment to Tweet her story to your followers? Someone out there must be looking for a dog as wonderful as Lekoda. She is certainly waiting for them to find her.

Welcome to this week's edition of my Saturday "Adopt-this-dog-athon".

Every week I take advantage of the popularity of the Saturday Pet Blogger's Hop hosted by Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs, and Confessions of a Plume to bring attention to pets available for adoption at local shelters and rescue organizations with whom I'm affiliated.

I try to feature animals I have met so I can speak personally to their character. I also try to use my own pictures whenever possible and have recently started working with a friend of mine to set up photo sessions ala Pup Fan from I Still Want More Puppies and Second Chance Photos. These goals aren't always possible as in the case of some of the national organizations with dogs spread out all over the country and as with today's dog who I just haven't had a chance to photograph yet.

Finally, I try to focus on animals that have been in the shelter too long, the ones who really need the exposure your tweet can bring. If you've Tweeted or Facebooked or otherwise shared any of the animals in my little adopt-athons, thank you. It means so much to me, and to them.


  1. What a sweet dog Lekoda looks like.  Her big brown eyes are asking to please pick me.  I hope she finds her furever home quickly!  I also went to the link for the Thundershirt as I had never heard of them.  Sounds great for those poochies who get nervous or scared easily.

  2. Awwww....she looks like a real mush. Thanks for posting her!

  3. PS - Thanks for explaining about the blog hop. I have apparently been 'hopping' on board without even knowing who the hosts were, and who I should have been following. I'm in the process of fixing all of that now....(how embarrassing!)

  4. Oh no, please don't be embarrassed - it's my mistake for not explaining my little campaign properly. I'm still really new at this and make a lot of mistakes. I just don't want those mistakes to hurt or offend anybody. 

  5. She is mush. Just wants to cuddle and snuggle. I hope this helps her find a "forever" someone to do that with soon. 

  6. Hi Ellen, yeah, she really wants a home of her own for Christmas, I think. She's used to being the light of her owner's life and is a bit adrift in foster care. (Although world's better off than in a shelter!)

    Re: the Thundershirt, it works great for certain things and will surely help comfort many fearful dogs. I have found it depends somewhat on what is causing the fear as to how well it works. I think they'd have been better off calling it an anxiety wrap rather than a Thundershirt because it didn't work on Bella for thunder at all but it does ease her general anxiety...

    Ultimately there will be a blog post about it. Probably even a comparison between the Thundershirt and the Storm Defender cape ( ) which, oddly says it's for anxiety but is really better with thunderstorms.  Go figure. ;)

  7. She's so beautiful!  I think that this may be the girl that I thought would be good for my friend Steve in Shrewsbury.  He does work, but has 5 cats -- would that work instead of a human at home all the time?  If you think it might, I'll copy her bio and give it to Steve --

  8. She is pretty, isn't she? This is the dog we talked about for your friend, Steve. I think she would be fine with someone who worked as long as they weren't working 12 hours a day with a 3 hour commute. ;) She doesn't have separation anxiety - she's just a Lab, that's what they do, they need their people more than some other breeds.

    That said, you don't necessarily pick your dog with NEARR, they help match you with the right dog. So, while he can express interest in her if he wants, if they don't feel his circumstances are right for Lekoda, they may recommend another dog that would work better for him. In their 10+ years, they have never had a dog returned. (And since they expect regular updates, they can say that will some certainty.)

    Good luck and don't hesitate to reach out to me to help guide you/Steve through the process.

  9. She's beautiful! Hope she finds her furever home
    Dachshund  Nola

  10. Oh isn't she lovely. Hope she finds a nice new home. Mum wonders if I'd like a Thundershirt..... Deccy x

  11. Aww, Deccy, are you afraid of thunderstorms?  Bella sure is but she's also afraid of the Thundershirt. :o (Really helpful, that, right?) There's definitely a process to introducing the shirt.  

    I'd be happy to talk to your mum about Thundershirts and other 'anti-anxiety' tools. We can talk here or she can email me ( if she wants. I had a post planned but I don't think I'll be able to get to it until after the holidays... 

  12. Lekoda is a beauty & sounds like a dream. Hope she finds her perfect home soon.

  13. Hi Pauley James!  She IS a dream, isn't she? :)  She'll find her home soon, I just know it. Thanks for stopping by. Hope those puppies aren't running you too ragged!