Friday, December 16, 2011

Saturday's Dog: Milla

Hello friends,

Well, it's not quite Saturday any more (nor, despite what the publishing date notes, is it Friday either - guess I've been trying to write this for 2 days) but I didn't want to neglect my commitment to my "Saturday Dogs" - dogs that are waiting for their new homes in local shelters and rescues I volunteer with. Dogs that, for whatever reason, can't seem to get the attention of that perfect family they just know is out there looking for them.

I've been planning to feature today's dog all week and she certainly needs and deserves the spotlight but before we get to her, I did want to take just a moment to recognize the tragedy in Texas and express my deepest sympathy to Sandra and her family (both 2-legged and 4.)

For the few people that may not have yet heard, "The Houston Pittie Pack" suffered a devastating fire Thursday night losing their home and 5 of their 7 rescue dogs. Their grief and pain is unimaginable.

Some folks in blogville have set up a "ChipIn" to raise cash for the family while they work through this terrible time. I've posted a picture link to the ChipIn on my side bar and it will remain there until the ChipIn closes on February 15. If you have any cash at all to spare, these folks could surely benefit from some holiday kindness.

You can also visit the blog and leave a comment for Sandra to let her know you're thinking about them.

And now a word about Milla, our "Please-adopt-this-dog" dog of the week.

I usually try to feature dogs I've actually met here so I can personally speak to their temperament. I'm breaking that "rule" today because I'm worried this dog may be running out of time.

Milla is a beautiful black Lab mix that North East All Retriever Rescue was asked to help find a home for because the new baby in her home is allergic to her. She didn't enter our program because the family said they were willing to keep her until a new loving home was found so we started featuring her on our "Referrals" page. Unfortunately, that was four months ago and there seems to have been no interest generated by her post or from the ads the family is running.

She's a pretty dog and has been raised by a loving family. She loves people and gets along with other dogs (no mention of cats). She just can't seem to get anyone to notice her. And that's where you come in. Can you take a moment out of your busy day to tweet or post Milla's information to your friends and followers? The perfect family is out there looking for her, I just know it. Maybe your tweet will be the one that helps them find her.



  1. Milla is so sorry she is not in her furever home.  I hope this is her week to have this happen.  Keeping my fingers crossed here in CA.

  2. Don't scream, but I can see Buddy Dog adopting her out.  Lab mixes seem to fly out of there.  Is there some possibility there with NEARR?  

  3. Isn't she lovely?! I think the family should have the baby adopted & keep the dog Hehe! Oh. Mum says I shouldn't say that (but I still think I'm right!!) Deccy x

  4. I hope Milla finds a forever home soon!

  5. Isn't she pretty?  I really hope it happens for her soon!

  6. I don't know how that would work - I don't know if NEARR just didn't have the space for her (like every rescue, we're having trouble finding fosters) or if the family wanted to keep her until they found her a new home...  But she's not even in our program so I don't know how one goes about broaching the subject. Let's take this offline and brainstorm.  Thanks!  I'll write you soon.

  7. Oh Deccy, you see, you and Bella can say those things but your mums and I have to be more, shall we say, diplomatic. (Whether we agree with you or not. ;)

  8. Thanks Bassetmomma!  I hope so, too. Wouldn't that make for a nice Christmas surprise?