Sunday, December 11, 2011

The "Social Media for Social Good" holiday campaign

"A Holiday Blogging Event for Animals in Need"

Hey, have you heard about the terrific holiday event Two Little Cavaliers is running from December 14th through the 28th? "A Holiday Blogging Event for Animals in Need" is designed to help us bloggers get a little publicity and our favorite charity a decent pile of cash!

Participating bloggers (and non-bloggers, too!) chip-in $10 and, at the end of the event, that pool of funds will be randomly awarded to one of the entrants in a 60/40 split between charity and blogger. (Non-blogger donated funds will go directly to the charity of the selected blogger.)

For the record, if I happen to be the one selected, I pledge 100% of the funds to Save a Sato in Puerto Rico - Bella's rescue organization. There's also a prize for the blog that sends over the most folks who sign up to participate so if you happen to hop on over and join, you can mention you saw it here at Bringing up Bella.

The more folks who participate, the bigger the pot at the end of the event! So blogger or non, I hope you'll consider heading over to the Two Little Cavaliers' site to contribute to the "Chip In".

Think of it as a holiday gift you'll open to you see who wins when all the other presents are gone.


  1. We`re participating too! Thanks for the reminder to blog about it!

  2. Hi! Yeah, I signed up on Thursday I think and only got the chance to finally write about it yesterday.  Oops. :o  What a neat idea, though, isn't it? :)